Tale of the little gas range and the big bad world

Tale of the little gas range and the big bad world

Tale of the little gas range and the big bad world

Once upon a time there was a little gas range, who really wanted to have a family, a place where he could belong, a place where people would love him, a place where he would be valued…”

Or at least this is how I imagine the other part of the story. But lets just jump back to the begining.

Two weeks ago I finally had enough spare money to make a little upgrade in my kitchen, where I spend most of my free time. But you know, my passion towards cooking is one of my most important parts. So, I had to figure out where to start this upgrade.

Once I looked around I already knew what to do. There was my beloved stove: the one I used since I was 21 (and that was long-long ago…). I had so much good memory with that piece of my playground. But now it is old, and sometmes it isn’t even working. I knew, no mather how hard it is, I have to make a step.


So I started to think, where could I find a new gas range, which would be good (for me) and could serve me for at least one decade. Finally I came across a site, where someone already wrote an article about the best gas ranges – needles to say ,this is why I love the internet: people share there experience and you can get information from the other side of the world. Once I ended reading the article I knew which stove I have to buy.

There was a tiny, metallic one, with a smile on his front side, from which I already know we are meant to be together. This was pure fate. Without any interruption I orderded it, and since a week it is my newest, and best part of my kitchen. I wish it can support me during my journey of cooking.

Thank you stranger who lead me to this little gas stoven, I owe you!

And to you dear reader, I just recommend the link above, and please write a comment about, what should I cook next time, with this little miracle.

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