Retro hype with turntable

Retro hype with turntable

After my previous action with the miter saw, I would like to share something else with you.

I don’t know if you took note of the fact that slowly and silently but the soul of retro (‘70s) sneaks back to our time. More and more people starts to wear clothes that looks like they came directly from the ‘70s, furthermore, a lot of old music got a remake in the past years. Maybe you don’t like it, but I really enjoy every part of it. I want to take part of it as well, but not that mainstream way. I don’t want to show off with that, I just love the presence of that age.


I would like to bring that feeling to my house and now I know how to do this.

During a big cleaning I found my mother’s old vinyl collection. It has more than 50 pieces! Unfortunately, I couldn’t listen to the songs on the discs, because of the lack of record players, but based on the titles, they are awesome (I searched for them on YouTube, because I didn’t know all of them).

I didn’t have enough saved money for buying an old, but still functioning turntable from an auction, but I could afford a newly produced player. I already searched for the best turntable for the money: Pick My Turntable and what I found was more than surprising.

For $200 I could order a perfect, well-designed product from big manufacturers, with 2-5 year of warranty, I even could choose from 20 different kind of players. I found a turntable which is capable to use both size of vinyl discs. It’s going to be good for all the discs I found. I ordered it after 1 hour of hesitation and I don’t regret my decision.

It is going to arrive tomorrow and I’m excited to listen to the very same songs as my mother did years ago.

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